Can You Spot Sia And Pink In Stargate’s “Waterfall” Music Video?

Looks like they're no-shows. Unless they’re wearing helmets.

Where are Pink and Sia hiding?

Stargate, the Norwegian production duo of Tor Erik Hermansen and Mikkel Eriksen, recently released their new single, “Waterfall,” a sultry, dancehall-flavored bedroom banger featuring the two pop powerhouses.


Can you imagine the kooky yet stylish music video that Pink and Sia could have made together—maybe even in matching oversized face-obscuring wigs?

Instead, Stargate’s new clip shows two random young women in Pink/Sia-patched jackets as they watch two indoor skydivers in Daft Punk-y helmets performing synchronized moves in a zero-gravity chamber.


Aerial acrobatics? Check. Interpretive choreography? Check. But no high-flying Pink and not one bewigged Sia stand-in to be found.

Sure, it’s a pretty cool video, but it seems like a missed opportunity to have two of pop’s biggest stars belting at each other in the same room.

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