Watch Trans Model And Actress Sidney Starr Get Pierced On “Black Ink Crew: Chicago”

She wants WHAT pierced?

On the latest episode of Black Ink Crew Chicago, Don has finally been certified to be a piercer at the tattoo shop, 9Mag. He could barely finish celebrating before his first client walked in the door, internet celebrity and trans model Sidney Starr.


The self-proclaimed “transgender diva” has stopped by the shop to get a piercing—and her request shocks everyone in the room.

“I am getting my penis pierced,” Sidney says in the clip, when asked about what body part she wanted to add some bling to.

Is she joking? You will have to watch the scene below to find out, but as Charmaine says in the clip, when Sidney is around “you know it’s going to be lit.”

For more Sidney make sure to check her out on the new season of Star on Fox. She has been cast as Dallas, Cotton’s (Amiyah Scott) best friend, on the new season premiering September 27.

The third season of Black Ink Crew Chicago airs Wed. at 8/7c on VH1.

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