Critics Love ‘Silver Linings Playbook,’ Jennifer Lawrence

silver linings playbook reviews

Jennifer Lawrence, her girls and Bradley Cooper.

Silver Linings Playbook will be released tomorrow in limited cities, and critics seem to be pretty in love with this crazy tale from noted crazy director David O. Russell. They are also in love with actors Robert DeNiro, Jacki Weaver and Bradley Cooper, but their biggest praise is all saved for Jennifer Lawrence.

It looks like little Jenny may be getting herself an Oscar!

Check out some of the reviews below.

“Family nuttiness, football madness, romantic obsession, and certifiable mental illness coexist happily in Silver Linings Playbook — a crazy beaut of a comedy that brims with generosity and manages to circumvent predictability at every turn. Our damaged, bipolar hero, Pat Solatano Jr. (Bradley Cooper), first makes his entrance in a psych ward. He’s been committed because he beat the crap out of a guy, though there were mitigating circumstances: The guy was sleeping with Pat’s wife. Who has since dumped Pat. Which has sent Pat on a mission to win her back. In any event, when the precariously upbeat fellow is sprung from the bin by his doting mother (wonderful Jacki Weaver from Animal Kingdom), he returns to the bosom of a Philly family that thrums with crazy as a way of life, much of it generated by Pat’s father (Robert De Niro).” – EW

“None of this works without some carefully developed, and perfectly pitched performances from the leads, and Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, who both arguably give career best, awards-worthy performances. We’ve frankly never seen Cooper in a role like this, one that requires him to not only to carry the film, but to play a nuanced character in Pat who is big in personality, but also tremendously vulnerable. And Cooper toes all of it deftly, both commanding and pushing the story forward. He’s also outrageously funny. Lawrence may be an even bigger surprise to many as Tiffany, a young woman who is sexy, tough and also easily bruised, who not only has to manage Pat’s unpredictable nature, but also keep herself on an even keel to stop from sliding into self destructive tendencies. And the actress simply nails it” – Indiewire

“While David O. Russell’s foray into conventional drama with The Fighter was a richly satisfying knockout, it’s a joy to see him back in the off-kilter comedy realm with the wonderful Silver Linings Playbook. Cheerfully yet poignantly exposing the struggles, anxieties, disorders and obsessions of ordinary people, this is a film as odd as it is charming. It brings out the best in a superlative cast led by Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, both showing unexpected colors.” – THR

“Never one to shy away from unlikely sources of comedy, David O. Russell tackles mental illness, marital failure and the curative powers of football with bracingly sharp and satisfying results in Silver Linings Playbook. Again bringing an invigorating edge to whip-smart mainstream fare a la The Fighter, the writer-director employs a twitchy visual syntax to match the dazzling verbal acumen of his two screw-loose leads, terrifically played by Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence.” – Variety

“The performances of these actors are reason enough to go. The reason to stay is Lawrence. Just 21 when the movie was shot, Lawrence is that rare young actress who plays, who is, grown-up. Sullen and sultry, she lends a mature intelligence to any role, whether as the one sane person in Winter’s Bone or as Raven (Mystique) in X-Men: First Class. Her Tiffany at first seems more dangerous than Pat Jr.; she stalks him on his morning jogs and says of herself, ’I’m just the crazy slut with the dead husband.’ But Tiffany has the ability to thaw — slowly, without renouncing her principles or her gravity — and, by luring Pat Jr. into that ridiculous dance contest, to give his life a purpose, other than his daft scheme of reconciling with Nikki. She is clearly Pat Jr.’s salvation, just as Jennifer Lawrence is the silver lining is this mostly ordinary playbook.” – Time