Simon Dunn Threatens To Shave, Ryan Kelley Sets Sail: CELEBRITY INSTAGRAM

Lady Gaga heard Adele's "25" before you, Sam Smith is very tired, Justin Timerblake looks terrified of Andrew Christian

I can’t decide if Cody’s body is something to set as a goal, or if it looks more like a Lego brick

@bellomag and story! Check them out to see some #TEENWOLF and Cody thangzzzzz. Hope everyone has an incredible day :)

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Sam doesn’t seem into today

My 'I'm tired as fuck' face

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They’re still in port and his shirts off, Even the Atlantis cruise gays waited until we sailed

Setting sail ?⛵?⛵Peace out! #GrooveCruiseLa

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It’s good to go on an adventure

Nice post training chill time at Wakulla Springs :)

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Well it is almost Halloween

Time to leave the city for the Midwest

I hear it’s Morgan’s birthday, and JoGo is ready to serenade him

As an aging twink to another twink, I’m not sure Hercules was the way to go

Justin looks terrified in this picture

I know Gus’ Halloween kitty was in our roundup of his Instagram, but it’s too cute to skip

Although that’s an interesting bed mate he’s chosen for his first night out

And his mama loves him

This could make the bar at the Hotel Cortez more interesting

The last time I watched Scandal, Huck didn’t look this respectable

Just Adele hanging out with Lady Gaga, sharing “Hello” months before we got to hear it

I’m not happy about no beard, but as long as you leave the chest hair alone, I won’t riot

See how perfect your fur coat is? Don’t you need it for winter?

Is this their life, or a Ralph Lauren ad?

It’s the Tie is my new favorite webcomic, and this is just a taste of its brilliance

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