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Sims Adds First Official Gay Couple With “Cats And Dogs” Expansion

No, it's not a gay dog couple. (Though that would be pretty awesome.)

The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs, the latest expansion in the longrunning franchise, offers something special for gay gamers. No, not gay pets: It’s the first same-sex couple baked into the game.

EA Games

Electronic Arts announced Cats & Dogs at Gamescom this week, explaining “Sims and their pets can play fetch near the harbor docks, take a walk to the lighthouse, visit a park to set up an obstacle course, meet other pet-loving locals, and even find stray pets that Sims can take in as their own!”

Among the pet owners is a gay male couple—who, of course, had their furry companions at their wedding.

Electronic Arts

Cats & Dogs will also come with a new career, veterinarian, and a new neighborhood, Brindleton Bay. With the “Create A Pet” tool, players can customize their pooch or kitty, from its size and color down to its age and personality. And if you want Mister Mephistopheles to sport a top hat and monocle, you can make that happen, too.

EA Games

The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs will be available for Mac and Windows starting November 10. Fans are already cheering EA for being inclusive.

The Sims universe has allowed gamers to pursue same-sex relationships for years (and get married starting with 2009’s Sims 3). But Cats and Dogs marks the first prefabricated gay male couple in the franchise.

A lesbian couple, Dylan and Audrey Shear, was introduced in 2013 in The Sims 3: Roaring Heights World.

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