NOW: Pentatonix Take ‘Sing Off’ Crown

As we predicted (we’re a regular Nostradamus of TV a capella competition), Pentatonix took home the crown last night at The Sing Off finale. The win was well deserved, but we also wanted to pay tribute to the second-place team, The Dartmouth Aires, who entertained with high energy, vaguely homoerotic performances all season long. Boys, you may not have won but you’re still in our hearts.

The group’s pink and blue tinged performance of “Animal” was the most snuggly of all their sets, with everything petting and stroking the lead vocalist as he explained that he’d take a bite of our hearts. We especially liked how the group’s male Janelle Monae look-a-like used his bouffant to stroke the lead singers face like a cat without cracking a smile.

To win their spot in the finale, the group sang a mash-up of Sympathy For The Devil and Born This Way. Not only are they great at props and theatrics, but they managed to costume themselves like Glee’s Dalton Warbler’s for that extra tug at the audience. The mash-up results in a dance-fight that makes us what to cast them all in West Side Story.

Another standout medley was their Queen performance, in all sorts of shiny gold material. One of the most impressive things this season was how they managed to dress the numerous members of the group distinctly yet within the current fabric and color themes. Also watch out for their lead’s amazing bendiness on the “Somebody To Love” portion.

County week could have been killer for the boys of Dartmouth, but they showed their savvy and picked “Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy.” Really, need we say more?