Sir Ian McKellen Awed By Trans Activists and Drag Queens, Lea DeLaria Loves Herself, Daniel Radcliffe Makes Confusing Igor: MEME

Injectable HIV meds possible by 2017, teen girls who love gay porn, Chelsea Manning found guilty of contraband

Larry Flynt
Porn and politics don’t generally mix unless there’s a scandal, but many porn moguls are politically active, when they can be. Most big politicians won’t take their money though. Hustler founder Larry Flynt says “I’m endorsing Hillary Clinton. If she wins, she’ll be able to appoint two or three judges to the Supreme Court, which could shift the balance. Hillary Clinton won’t take my money. So I mostly give to local candidates.” And Vivid head Steve Hirsch says that porn power is everywhere. “There’s no question that porn is everywhere. It’s more accepted than ever before. You can watch it on the Internet, you can watch it on TV. Does that translate into political power? It may. But if it happens, it happens behind the scenes.”

Rosie O'Donnell
Rosie O’Donnell’s 17-year-old daughter, who she reported missing on Twitter, has been found safe and sound in New Jersey, and is in custody of the police there.

Jared Fogle
Subway has cut all ties with their former spokesman Jared Fogel after news surfaced that Fogel planned to plead guilty to possession of child pornography after a raid on his home last month. The restaurant tweeted “We no longer have a relationship with Jared and have no further comment.”

Across from the Stonewall are statues called “Gay Liberation” that are cast from plaster, and look, well, very white, and not just from their medium. Two anonymous activists have given them a makeover in response to the trailer for Stonewall, painting them brown and giving them accessories that reflect the diversity of color and gender at the riots.

PRO 140, a self-injectable treatment for HIV, could be on the market by 2017 after proving 98% effective in Phase 2B clinical trials. The injection provides suppression of the virus for a week. I can’t ever see myself giving myself a shot every week. My doctor has tried to get me to give myself my testosterone shot every two weeks and when I try and watch them do the injection to learn, I get lightheaded. I’ll stick to my nightly pills.

Chelsea Manning
Chelsea Manning was found guilty of four charges in prison related to contraband and expired toothpaste, but did not receive solitary confinement as punishment, just a three week restriction on her free time, with no library, outdoors or gym time.

The three accused homophobic attackers in the Philadelphia assault last year have been granted an extension as they negotiate plea deals. I know that most of these things end in pleas but not trials, but part of me wants to put these asshats on trial just for the public spectacle. Especially the one whose father is a cop. Make daddy proud.

Zachary Quinto says that he wasn’t slut shaming gay men with his anti-PrEP comments last year. He says he knows a ton of people using PrEP, and it’s “a thing to do now.” He claims he just wants us to keep our guards up. “Look, I just think we need to be vigilant as a community and a community of gay men. It was not my intention to judge anybody or to rankle anybody, or to put myself in some kind of superior position by any means. I think if people use PrEP as part of a responsible regimen of taking care of themselves and preserving their bodies and their well-being and the well-being of the people they’re having sex with, then more power to them. There was this thing that I was ‘slut-shaming.’ Anybody who knows me knows that that is the last thing I would ever do. I just think that we can’t let our guard down.”

The thing is…you were slut shaming them. The fun thing about slut shaming is that it can take a lot of different forms, but one of the most insidious is the one where the superior person claims that he’s just looking out for you. Don’t assume a parental role you don’t have. People don’t take PrEP, and all that getting it entails, to let their guard down. They take it to have their guard always up, even when their judgment might be down.

Oh for god’s sake, a bearish man in his 30s who is into twinks is not a pervert. Why do we put all these judgments on each other? He doesn’t need to seek therapy, he’s not a pedophile. 90% of the guys who chase me are twinks, and I’m in my 40s. What does that make me? Or really, make them since I’m not the one chasing them? Although I have been known to let them catch me.

Sir Ian McKellen
Sir Ian McKellen is a renowned activist for LGBT issues, but he’s not an expert on trans issues, he says at the premiere of a film about Muslim drag queens. “I am just in awe of you [the cast] and the others and the thousands who are not in the film. I’m ashamed how little I know about drag and trans and areas of being gay that I have not been part of. It makes me begin to understand what it was like 30, 40 years ago when people didn’t understand about simply being gay. You are a pioneer but somehow you’re riding on a wagon that’s going forward and we’re all with you on that. You’re going to have to lead us and help us help you. I think you’re wonderful.”

Think Tank took a look at a Vice article about teenage girls flocking to forums to share their love of gay porn, and managed to show an astounding lack of clarity about anything. They start out saying that for many of these girls it begins with yaoi manga, but they later get into it about girls not liking fem guys. And then they take a swing at fem guys, and neither of them seems to notice it. The whole segment is a mess, even for something that’s centered around teenage girls watching porn.

Ever get your luggage back at the airport and wonder which of the seven levels of hell it’s been through? Well, here’s a piece of luggage with a GoPro strapped to it making the journey, which honestly is a lot more automated than I expected, and not nearly as rough as I would have thought considering what my bag has looked like when I got it back.

The first trailer is out for Daniel Radcliffe and James McAvoy’s Victor Frankenstein and I’ve got to say, it’s…something. I’m not sure what it is, but it’s something. Is it an action movie? A comedy? A romance? A bromance? I have no idea. But it’s a movie.

Lea DeLaria sat down for an intensely frank discussion about her body image, her struggles as a butch, coming out to her family, and how she got into comedy. Because it’s all about self worth, she stripped off her clothes to end up in just a bra and boxer shorts, revealing a confidence that is hard won, as evidenced by her stories. It’s an amazing thing to see, someone laid so bare literally and figuratively.

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