“Sirens” Exclusive Clip: Is Hank Handling His Ex’s Wedding Okay?

There’s nothing like an ex getting married to unravel even the most solid and stoic of individuals.

So just how long will our favorite gay EMT Hank (played by Kevin Daniels) keep it together on tonight’s episode of USA’s comedy series, Sirens?

In this exclusive clip from tonight’s “Till Jeff Do Us Part” episode, Hank is cool as a cucumber about his ex, Jeff, getting hitched to another man– even if that man looks a lot like Hank.

Hank makes light of the wedding and makes a big production out of not attending. He’s too busy entertaining himself with a new lover, a guy with a “Puerto Rican flag tattoo on his ass”.

But this exclusive preview clip indicates Hank is just fronting. He’s shaken up about the wedding, and he’s not going to be able to keep his composure together with buddies/co-workers Johnny (Michael Mosley) and Brian (Kevin Bigley) for much longer.

Sirens airs Thursdays at 10pm on USA.