Slash Madness: Final Round!

Note: Official voting has closed for this year’s Slash Madness Tournament.

Only four m/m fantasy couples remain in our third annual Ultimate Slash Madness Tournament. Over the previous three rounds more than five million votes have been cast, truly an impressive show of strength from slash fandom.

We’re coming down to the finish now, with the winning “One True Pairings” (OTPs) in each division going against one another in a 4-way matchup. McShep from Stargate Atlantis represents the “Classics” (perennial favorites), Hannigram from Hannibal represents “Rising Stars” (slash couples from current TV shows), Sterek from Teen Wolf represents “Big Guns” (OTPs that ranked highly in previous tourneys) and Stucky from Captain America: The Winter Soldier represents “Big Screen” (Favorite OTPs from movies). Your vote here will determine the Slash Madness 2014 final rankings.


Poll will remain open through Friday August 15, 2014 at 11:59pm eastern.

Note: CAPTCHA will remain in place for final round voting.

Note Also: We’ll also be crowning our favorite fanart at the end of the tourney, so don’t forget to get creative in lobbying for your final four favorite on Tumblr and other social media using the #slashmadness hashtag!