‘Smash’ Season 2 Trailer Is Amazing, Emotional & Bitchy

NBC has just released a super trailer for the new season of Smash, and this is looking like on helluva season. We, of course, loved the first season, even though some did not share our love, but season two looks infinitely better.

Where to begin? First and foremost, Jennifer Hudson! It looks like Jenny is playing an Audra McDonald type character (though with only 2, not 5, Tonys) and will be doing a whole lot of singing. A whole lot of dramatic and moving singing. Score.

Then there is a new love interest for Karen (Katherine McPhee), thank God, and some more serious drama between K and her frenemy Ivy (Megan Hilty). Like, for reals drama that involves Karen getting Ivy fired. Ha, suck it Ivy.

Oh, and Karen and Bombshell are going to Broadway. Sadly, it looks like Angelica Houston’s character may be a bit bittersweet about this as her bartending man friend seems to be headed to jail for illegally funding the play or something. We aren’t really up on financial laws so can’t be sure. Tears.

Oh, and motherfuc*ing Liza Minnelli shows up.

It is all almost too much to process, so just watch above.

Finally, a good drama to watch on network television!

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