Did “SNL” Just Parody “Gay Famous” Housewife Erika Jayne?

She only works for the munty, hunty.

“She’s either 18 or 55. Either way, she’s timeless AF.”

Last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live featured a refreshingly random sketch in which host Larry David played Vincent, a straight lawyer whose flashy new wife, Candace, has introduced him to the gay nightlife scene. Now he even takes PrEP.


“Candace is ’gay famous,'” Vincent explains to his colleagues, who don’t understand what she means when she says she’s “gagging.” “She knows all the lingo.”

Played to glam-haggy perfection by Cecily Strong, Candace, who does “appearances” for a living, then takes the stage with her squad of shirtless gay dancers to perform a queer-baiting club track. “I only work for the munty, hunty,” she talk-sings.

“She’s big with the twinks, daddies, and even the techno sluts,” Vincent continues. “You know, the gay world isn’t just one thing. It’s a complex tapestry of cultures. You know, like South America.” Yes, Larry David said “twinks.”


The Curb Your Enthusiasm star breaks character and barely recovers while discussing Candace’s late-night gig co-hosting Power Bottoms at Yas Twink—which should totally be a real venue. “We have time to hear one song and then go, which is perfect, because after that, the club is overrun with thirsty bottom-feeders,” he says through fits of laughter.

Although the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Dancing With the Stars personality is not mentioned in the sketch, RHOBH-obsessed twitterati seems fairly certain that Candace is a parody of Erika Jayne.

Jayne, a chart-topping dance club artist who often performs at gay venues with hunky backup dancers, is also married to a lawyer, Thomas Girardi. And just look at the blonde and blingy resemblance!


We already know that Jayne is on the gaydar of somebody in the SNL writers’ room. Host Chris Pine lip synced for his life to Jayne’s single “Xxpen$ive” in a May sketch about RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Watch the new SNL sketch below—and, just for comparison, a clip of Jayne performing at White Party.

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