“SNL” Highlights: Meth, “Girls” and New Supporting Player’s Pixelated Junk

Saturday Night Live returned this weekend, and it was fine, though not outstanding, even with Tina Fey hosting. The cold open bombed with an Obamacare pitch featuring Aaron Paul talking about his friend who had to sell meth to pay for his cancer treatment. Meth was an ongoing theme in the show, including this commercial for eMeth, the electronic meth you can smoke anywhere. It’s ridiculous, but what got me was the final scene – now which new SNL player is that flashing those abs above his pixelated junk?

[His name is Brooks Wheelan]

Another sketch that was well reviewed was this Girls parody, where they get a new roommate who really doesn’t understand why all these girls are so whiny and pathetic. (Join the club.) Lena Dunham herself watched at Mindy Kaling’s home, and felt it was a “true honor” to be spoofed.

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