“SNL” Highlights Joe Biden’s Popularity Among LGBTQ Voters

"Now that we've got your attention, VOTE."

Future presidential debate moderators, take note: Saturday Night Live is inserting LGBTQ issues back into the election narrative.

Season 46 of NBC’s iconic, queer-inclusive sketch comedy show kicked off this past Saturday, October 3. And the team wasted no time tackling the topics du jour. The season premiere addressed all things election-related, including last’s week train wreck of a presidential debate, President Donald Trump’s positive COVID-19 test, and Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s popularity among LGBTQ voters.

Toward the top of the episode’s “Weekend Update” segment, hosts Colin Jost and Michael Che brought up GLAAD’s “State of LGBTQ Voters” poll. The recent survey, first reported by NBC News last Thursday, October 1, found that more than three-quarters of likely LGBTQ voters (76%) favor Biden over Trump.

“A new poll shows that 75% of LGBTQ voters support Joe Biden,” Jost said, “but 0% of them support Joe Biden guessing what the ’B’, ’T,’ and ’Q’ stand for.”

All jokes aside, the nod to GLAAD’s findings was much appreciated by the LGBTQ advocacy group, which thanked the SNL team on Twitter. That same GLAAD report also found that only 88% of LGBTQ Americans are currently registered to vote.

“Weekend Update on covered our ‘State of LGBTQ Voters’ poll and brought LGBTQ issues into the election narrative, where they belong,” GLAAD tweeted early Sunday morning. “Now that we’ve got your attention, VOTE.”

Watch Saturday’s full “Weekend Update” below, including a cameo from out SNL host Bowen Yang.

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