“SNL” Replenishes Your Christmas Spirit With “You’re a Rat Bastard, Charlie Brown”

Saturday Night Live did itself proud on Saturday, bringing back legendary alum Martin Short to show these damn youngsters what’s what. (By the way, never forget how chilling Martin Short was on the third season of Damages. So grim.) But one of my favorite moments from the episode was a commercial send-up of Charlie Brown’s familiar shenanigans featuring “Al Pacino as Charlie Brown,” “Edie Falco as Lucy,” and, of course, Fran Drescher as the disembodied “wa-wa-wa” adult voice. 

And yes, that’s really Larry David as Linus. 

The casting choices are pretty stellar, but my FAVORITE is Philip Seymour Hoffman as Pigpen. I’m personally blown away by the fact that Christmas will be over in nine days, so let’s eat up this vulgar pseudo-nostalgia while it’s still magical.