“SNL” Spoofs Royal Wedding Reception, Bishop Michael Curry’s Passionate Sermon

“It is good to be around black folks again.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding was just yesterday morning, but Saturday Night Live still managed to razz the newlyweds on last night’s season finale.

In one memorable sketch, Mikey Day plays Harry, who shares footage from the not-so-wild royal wedding reception that includes a twerking Prince William (Alex Moffat), a champagne-drunk Kate Middleton (Cecily Strong), and the random Auntie Creepy (host Tina Fey).


We also see Meghan’s great uncle (Kenan Thompson) chatting up the Queen (Kate McKinnon, naturally). “I was just telling her majesty here that she has got to start watching The Crown,” he says. “Because they make her look like a bitch on that show. Girl, they done done you dirty.”

Aidy Bryant rocked a gaudy floral blazer and kooky round-framed glasses to play special guest Sir Elton John. “Hold me closer, tiny ginger,” he serenades Harry. “Because of your hair!”


Fun fact: John actually performed “Tiny Dancer” and hits like “The Circle of Life” at the real-life royal reception at St George’s Hall in Windsor Castle, the Telegraph reports.

There was also no way SNL would skip the chance to poke fun at Chicago’s LGBT-friendly Bishop Michael Curry, who gave a ceremony-stealing sermon at St. George’s Chapel, honoring the biracial American bride’s heritage by quoting Martin Luther King Jr. and referencing slavery.


As played by Thompson, Curry dropped by the “Weekend Update” desk to talk about taking the tough crowd to church.

“It is good to be around black folks again,” Curry tells anchor Michael Che. “I preached, and I testified, and I yelled, while 500 stuffy English people looked at me like I was a fart in an elevator.”


“It felt kinda like somebody opened up a chicken and waffles kiosk in the middle of a Pottery Barn,” he continues, further comparing himself to black country star Darius Rucker.

Che did note that Curry’s animated sermon may have gone on a little long. “Oh, well, that’s nonsense,” Curry replies. “They told me I had five minutes, but the good Lord multiplied it into a cool 16!”

Watch all the royal ribbing below.

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