Snow Days: Ginger Minj Takes Our Winter Wonderland Questionnaire

"There's nothing better than sweater weather, knee-high boots and hot, hot coffee! "

The queens of Drag Race turned into snow bunnies at Aspen Gay Ski Week, where they joined Logo for all kinds of antics—including aprés-ski parties, a downhill drag race, comedy cabaret and more. You can watch all the fun now through January 29 on Logo’s “Snow Days” blocks.

Below, we asked Ginger Minj to answer our Winter Wonderland Questionnaire.

Brittany Travis/Logo

What’s your secret trick to getting warm?
Any kind of coffee! I’m so in love with my Keurig it’s not even funny.

What’s your favorite wintertime memory from childhood?

My grandparents lived in an old, wooden house where the heat came up through grates in the floor. When I was very young, it actually snowed in Florida. I remember sitting near the grate in the dining room while my grandparents read the newspaper at the table, watching what looked like cigarette ashes falling from the sky onto the hood of their car.

It was so new and peaceful, but also exciting.

What’s your least favorite thing about winter now?
That it doesn’t last longer! Listen, I’m a Florida boy born and raised, but there’s nothing better than sweater weather, knee-high boots and hot, hot coffee!

Would we find you on the slope or in the lodge?

Unless you’re a sadist, I don’t think anyone wants to see me on the slopes! I’m a little too uncoordinated and round to be a skier. With my luck, I’d tumble off the skis, roll downhill and become a human snowball!

You’ll most likely find me on a chair near the hot tub, admiring the… umm, courage… of the guys getting in and out of the water.

If you were in the winter Olympics what sport would you compete in?

Running … of the mouth. I have asthma, I try not expend too much physical energy, but I can flap my gums all day long.

What’s the most essential piece of winter wear someone can own?
A nice A-line coat that nips in your waist and hides those extra pounds left over from the holidays!

If you were a snow man, what would your drag name be?

Catch Ginger and friends on Logo’s “Snow Days,” now through January 29.

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