[SOCIAL] Sochi: The World Is Watching

This “The World is Watching” Pride flag was commissioned by Gettysburg Flag Works specifically for the Sochi Games to send a message to Putin that, well, the world is watching how he treats his LGBT citizens.

CEO Mike Cronin says “As the energy of the Sochi Olympic games built, so did the anti-gay message associated with them. Since every successful movement in history had a flag to rally around, we decided to create one for those in the forefront of this conversation.” He also pointed out that flags play an outsized role at the Olympics, where they’re used everywhere from the Parade of Nations to the medal ceremonies.”

“While this flag was designed as a response to the Sochi Olympics, it is also our hope that it will be used after the event to keep attention on the treatment of LGBT people in Russia, and be part of the legislative changes we would like to see.”

We already had a banner to show our Pride, but I kind of like the idea of hoisting this above events that we want to send a message. What do you think?

h/t Bilerico


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