Some Crazy Fan Bought Lady Gaga’s Totally Grody Acrylic Nail For $12,000

We’ve heard of people obsessed with Lady Gaga (one Little Monster we know even got a tattoo) but some crazy fan just dropped $12,000 on one of her discarded acrylic nails.

Apparently a crew member on Gaga’s Born This Way Ball tour was tidying up the stage following her gig in Dublin and noticed her nail art had fallen off. The digit, designed by nail artist Aya Fukuda, ended up on—along with tour merch and a photo of Lady Gaga performing with a missing fingernail. (Proof this was the real deal, we suppose.) Initial bids where in realm of $1,000 but the winning bidder soared into the six-digit range.

We’re pretty sure Detox would give you one of hers for $1.50 and a Marlboro Light.


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