Son Of Mississippi Governor Reportedly Victim Of Anti-Gay Attack

The governor allegedly worried that his son's sexuality would be used against him during an election.

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant has faced a lot of backlash since signing an anti-LGBT bill into law last week, but now it turns out that his own son may be a member of the very community he is trying to discriminate against.

According to The Washington Blade, it is “an open secret” that the governor’s son, Patrick Bryant, is gay, and he was even reportedly the victim of an attempted hate crime because of it.

Patrick was out at a bar with some gay friends right after the governor took office, and that is when he was allegedly attacked, according to a source from the Blade, who asked to remain anonymous out of fear of retribution from the governor.

“He was intoxicated and someone asked him if he was, ‘Phil Bryant’s faggot gay son,'” said the source.

Bryant allegedly attempted to get out of the fight, but was provoked and eventually pushed by the stranger.

After the incident, Patrick reportedly moved to Austin, Texas to get out of the state that his father was governing.

“[Phil Bryant] knew that if Patrick stayed, he knew eventually everyone would realize Patrick’s gay, and it would come out during an election and someone would try to use it against him politically,” the source said.

Members of the local community have speculated in the past that the governor signed a previous religious freedom bill because he can’t accept that his son is gay.

h/t: The Washington Blade

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