Sorry “Twilight,” But “Underworld” Is The Sexiest Vampire Movie Of All Time: WATCH


I’m sorry, but when it comes to sexy vampires, Underworld’s Selene kicks True Blood’s Bill and Twilight’s Edward Cullen’s asses (literally). Edward may sparkle but Selene is either soaking wet in leather or firing a machine gun into hordes of bloodsuckers. Pretty much trumps using your powers to play baseball.

And we’re not hating Scott Speedman as sexy lycanthrope-in-distress Michael Corvin.

Even though they’re up Underworld Eight-Hundred-and-Something, you can’t beat the original. Logo  is screening the first Underworld from 2003—which sees death-dealer Kate Beckinsale slaughtering Lycans  and uncovering the origins of her species—on Sunday at 10pm on Logo.

Can’t wait for the vampires-versus-werewolves bloodbath? Check out NewNowNext’s homage to Underworld’s red-hot moments, above.