Is This A Nude Photo Of “Made In Chelsea” Hottie Spencer Matthews?

The Brompton Fountain Bowling Party Fundraiser - Sightings In London - April 29, 2013

We don’t actually watch Made In Chelsea, a British reality show that we are pretty sure is just like The Hills, but we do know a good looking dude when we see one, and the star of the show, Spencer Matthews, is one good looking dude. One good looking dude who just had a nude photo possibly leaked by a lady he maybe bedded.

So meet Spencer Matthews America!

According to Twitter user @NotBasedVicky, her gal pal shagged Spencer and took a photo to prove it. Now while the man in the photo, which you can also see here if it is off Twitter, does look like Spencer, we can’t be entirely sure it is him. The Twitter bio of @NotBasedVicky reads, “Professional model, actor and liar,” and we never trust models. Or liars.

So go take a look and tell us what you think kids.

Oh, and bringing the whole Made In Chelsea is like The Hills thing full circle, Spencer Matthews is currently dating Stephanie Pratt. It’s true love for sure.

h/t: Daily Mail