You Can Help Make These Lego Spice Girls A Reality

Brick-a Brick-ah!

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Spice Girls’ debut single “Wannabe” taking over the world and cementing the quintet as one of the greatest pop groups of all time.

Since then there have been multiple Spice Girls albums, a movie, a stage musical in London and a reunion tour. Not to mention countless items of merch—but never Legos. Until now.

lego spice girls 2

A Lego designer by the name of Lumberjack submitted the proposal for a Spice Girls group and stage set to the Lego Ideas site, a place where other Lego fans can vote on fan creations. If the sets achieve enough signatures they’ll be up for review from Lego and possibly be available in stores.

lego spice girls 3

“The Stage itself is based on one of many that the Spice Girls used over the years,” Lumberjack said about the set design. It “includes rotating led screens that spell S.P.I.C.E., wind turbines under the stage, sound system speakers and lights, lights and more lights!”

Yes, these will look perfect on the shelf next to our Golden Girls Legos.

To vote on this proposal click here.

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