TBT: Watch The Spice Girls Drag A Misogynist Pig In 1997

Get your whole life from Mel B telling him to "f*ck off."

The Spice Girls apparently told off the “chauvinist pig” who directed their 1997 commercial for Polaroid, and a beautiful video of the girls in action is now going viral on Twitter, thank god.

The clip below, which has been liked more than 10,000 times since it was posted Monday, shows a pissed-off Mel B approaching two men who called for more “cleavage and midriffs” on set.

“Who was it?” she demands. “Was it you? Why did you ask that [we show our cleavage and midriffs]?”


The director replies like a typical “chauvinistic pig,” which Geri Haliwell calls him shortly after.

Said the director: “It’s every man’s fantasy. That’s showbiz!”

The women who built their brand on Girl Power responded with an appropriate drag.

By the end of the clip, Mel B announces to the camera: “He’s the one who said ’can you show a bit of cleavage and midriff?’ And we said no! Girl power!”

As Pink News notes, the final commercial (below) wound up having zero midriff or cleavage.

Bravo, ladies!

Matthew Tharrett is a writer, filmmaker, and above all else, a Britney fan. He once shared a milkshake with Selena Gomez.