Here’s Your First Pic Of The Spice Girls Reunion

Never give up on the good times!

The rumors of a Spice Girls reunion have been swirling for months, and now it looks like the official return of the British girl group is about to become a reality.

Today, February 2, Emma Bunton and Victoria Beckham were spotted visiting Geri Halliwell’s London home. Spice Girls manager Simon Fuller was also there, adding more fuel to the rumors that a reunion is imminent.

Then Beckham posted a picture of all five Spice Girls posing together—the first time they have all been in the same room in six years.

Love my girls!!! So many kisses!!! X Exciting x #friendshipneverends

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“As it stands, they will be working together on a series of projects, which will include an album and a TV special celebrating the Spice Girls,” a source told The Sun last year. “And getting Victoria to agree has been a coup for everyone involved, given she has always been the person holding back on a reunion.”

Some of the projects being considered are a television talent show and a new greatest hits compilation—but Beckham and Halliwell reportedly will not commit to a full tour because of their families.

This is far from the first Spice Girls reunion since they announced their permanent hiatus in 2000. In 2007 the girl group returned with a new greatest hits compilation featuring two new songs, followed by a reunion tour.

Since then getting the five Spices together in the same room has been hard, and it usually only happens for special occasions like the opening night of Viva Forever! the Spice Girls musical, or the opening ceremonies for the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Beckham had said in the past that a reunion would never happen, so her being onboard, and posting the group reunion pic, has fans even more excited that the Spice Girls will soon return to the stage.

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