Splish Splash! The World’s Largest Rubber Duck Sails Into Hong Kong

Screen shot 2013-05-02 at 11.59.21 AM
Unlike most conceptual artists we know, Florentijn Hofman clearly has a sense of humor: His latest work is a 46-foot-tall inflatable duck that’s currently docked in Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbor, where it will stay until June 9. But Rubber Duck isn’t just for giggles, the Dutch artist explains.

The Rubber Duck knows no frontiers. It doesn’t discriminate against people and doesn’t have a political connotation. The friendly, floating Rubber Duck has healing properties—it can relieve tensions…

The Rubber Duck is soft, friendly and suitable for all ages!

Gives new meaning to “water off a duck’s back,” doesn’t it?

h/t: Laughing Squid

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