St. Patrick's Day Is Here! Now Get On with Your Day as Planned, Thanks.


I like Irish stuff. Irish guys can be cute. I like whiskey and manly green soap. And when I’ve travelled in Ireland I’ve met amazing, sweet, welcoming people. But St. Patrick’s Day in NYC is a drunken mess. Total amateur hour for dip-wads in floppy green hats and “I Shamrock NY” t-shirts.

But not to be a total stick-in-the-peat-bog, I’m celebrating with a nice Colin Farrell pic, a vintage Cranberries video (Love “Zombie”: Oh Dolores, where are thou?) and a mini-photo tribute to gay Irish folks (after the jump).

AND… If you’re frisky watch these Irish Spring commercials from1977 and 1979. OMG. Gayer than a leprechaun at a bathhouse in Killarney on Gay Pride!!!

So if you’re out drinking green beer, be careful. And if you’re in NYC watch out for that big dumb parade that won’t allow homos to march in it. Hmph.


Okay, here’s my mini-gallery of great gay (or gay-ish) Irish folks! This won’t take long. (And yes, I know there are more… But I’ve got other work to do before Times Square erupts in a fit of hurling dweebs in green rugby jerseys!)

TV personality Graham Norton is a very gay Irishman.

Donal Og Cusack is a gay Irish hurler. (That’s an athlete of some sort.) Go Donal!!!

Sinead O’Connor is kind of low-key these days. But the once bisexual singer is still cool as hell, I think. Nothing compares 2 her.

Oscar Wilde, the godfather of all things gay, dishy and sharply dressed. Legendary.

Lady, pleeeese…

John Polly is a former editor at NewNowNext. He now makes the magic happen at World of Wonder.