St. Vincent Releases Colorful Music Video For “New York”

"Annie's New York is the New York of my dreams," says director Alex Da Corte.

St. Vincent fans love dissecting her new single, “New York”—figuring out which (lady) love it might be about. The song’s new music video little in the way of clues.

“The best performers are those who have a secret,” Annie Clark told The New Yorker, calling “New York” a “composite” song.

Director Alex Da Corte says Clark’s New York “is the New York of my dreams-one that is blurry and fractured, dreamy and flat. It is the Toontown to my Hollywood. It is beautiful but slightly out of reach.”

Take a look for yourself.


St. Vincent heads out on her Fear The Future tour this fall.

Trish Bendix is a Los Angeles-based writer.