TV on Tap: VH1 is “Off Pitch,” Seth MacFarlane Condemns Hoax and a “Clueless” Reunion

The cast of VH1's Off Pitch
VH1’s Off Pitch has shiny jackets, jazz hands and choir performances.
How can anyone resist?


The DVR has created a lot of worry in the television industry, with advertisers refusing to pay for viewers who record a show and then fast forward through the commercial breaks. However, a new study says that DVR viewers do stop and watch ads that grab their attention, especially ads for upcoming movies.

Downtown Los Angeles’ Historical Core has functioned as a substitute for Manhattan on a long list of TV shows and movies — including Mad Men and Glee — that film in LA. However, that practice is in danger as the district gentrifies and more modern buildings make it harder for shows to create the illusion of New York City.

Louie CK

Louis C.K. is a comedian that demonstrates that it’s very possible to be one of the funniest comedians working as well as one of the most thoughtful. He proved that again in his latest comedy special.

A tasteless hoax to arise after the Boston Marathon bombing was a video claiming that Family Guy “predicted” the tragedy. It actually sloppily mixes two unrelated jokes from the same episode in a way that I thought should have been obvious to anyone who watched (then again, my guy can’t tell when The Soup adds their own footage to a clip). Seth MacFarlane has condemned the video over twitter and Fox has pulled the episode from streaming video websites.

There’s a Clueless reunion coming to The Exes, according to TV Guide who reports that Stacey Dash will appear as a woman who dates Donald Faison’s character. I guess that gets us to stop talking about that Mitt Romney endorsement.

Looking at io9’s review of the script for the original Game of Thrones pilot, HBO made the right decision in deciding to re-shoot it.

Despite all the complaints about last year’s Oscars ceremony, ratings were still good so Craig Zadan and Neil Meron will be producing next year’s ceremony. I look forward to The Oscars’ Tribute to Smash.

Speaking of Smash,  ratings have gotten so bad that its drawing fewer viewers than Iyanla, Fix My Life on OWN.

The Americans
Elizabeth Jennings has no patience for you if the sight of an electric typewriter
makes you nostalgic.


Nature (PBS) Check local listings
In case you don’t feel guilty about all those unagi rolls, Nature taking a look at the life cycle of the freshwater eel and the multi-billion dollar industry behind it.

Suburgatory (ABC) 8:00 PM ET
For its hour-long season finale, the residents of Chatswin deal with change. For George that means telling Tessa that they’re moving into Dallas’ house and she’s going to have to be Bobby, Peter and Greg when the family makes a Brady Bunch gif to tell the world that they’re a happily merged family. Meanwhile, Sheila deals with Ryan going to college by burying herself in a chastity campaign. Not having Ryan around should do plenty to diminish the sex drives of Chatswin residents without a campaign promoting chastity, shouldn’t it?

The Americans (FX) 10:00 PM ET
Elizabeth and Phillip are already debating if facing the death of your wife’s boyfriend can help repair a marriage, but what if you add a dangerous mission into the mix as a reminder of how well you work together?

A scene from Southland "Reckoning"
Maybe TNT could consider a Cooper and Hicks sequel spin-off. It worked for Major Crimes.

Southland (TNT) 10:00 PM ET
Way to go Southland, we could be getting hyperbolic about how sad we are to losing this great drama, but after watching Cooper’s ordeal last week, getting sad about losing great TV seems a little silly. At least, it looks like most of these characters’ stories will come full circle, especially with Tom Everett Scott coming back for one more episode. (We’ll have an interview with Michael Cudlitz later today where he discusses last week’s brutal episode and the repercussions for tonight’s finale.)

Off Pitch (VH1) 10:00 PM ET
VH1’s newest docu-soap heads to Wisconsin, “where show choir is religion” and the all-adult glee club-inspired Grand River Singers are the… okay, high priests and priestesses sounds like a promotion. Still, between the singing and the drama, this can be a chance to recapture that old Glee magic before we all started complaining about inconsistent characterization and frustrating plotting.

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