Ex-Gay Activist Angry There’s No Ex-Gay Character On “Star Trek: Discovery”

"The homosexual activists are never satisfied."

Peter LaBarbera, head of the right wing group Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, was a guest on the Crosstalk radio show and during the conversation with host Peter Lavelle, LaBarbera brought up the lack of ex-gay characters in pop culture, specifically in the new sci-fi series, Star Trek: Discovery.

“We have yet to see an ex-gay, a former homosexual prominently portrayed in Hollywood,” LaBarbera said during the discussion. “I guess all we can do is not watch Star Trek.”


Why doesn’t Discovery have an ex-gay person as one of the characters? Maybe because Star Trek takes place centuries in the future where ex-gay therapy is a distant relic of the past?

LaBarbera went on to say that audiences have yet to see “a former homosexual prominently portrayed in Hollywood,” which is not entirely true because James Franco portrayed a former gay man in last year’s movie, I Am Michael.

In the film, Franco is Michael Glatze, a former gay-rights journalist and gay magazine editor who after a health scare finds religion, rejects his queer “lifestyle” and becomes a Christian pastor. Zachary Quinto and Emma Roberts play his love interests and Charlie Carver co-starred.

“The homosexual activists are never satisfied. They always want more, more, more,” LaBarbera told Lavelle.

“Remember, the other side never stops fighting. There is a battle between good and evil in this country.”

So will LaBarbera be tuning in for Star Trek: Discovery even if there’s no ex-gay character—and does he know that the series features a prominent gay couple on the ship?

“I wasn’t going to watch it anyway, but certainly with this sort of propaganda,” he confessed. “I think Americans are tired of it. They’re tired of all the political correctness, and that’s why Trump won in the first place.”

We are guessing that CBS is probably fine with him skipping the series.

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