Start Your Engines! Join RuPaul’s Drag Race Viewing Parties from Coast to Coast

The gals of RuPaul’s Drag Race are excited for the new season. How about you?

It’s on, Ladies! Yes, Season 2 of RuPaul’s Drag Race is well underway, with all the drama and draggedy action that comes with it. We know you wanna get into the wiggy fun each week, and we’re  happy to report you don’t have to watch alone.

Bars all across the big gay U.S. of A. are hosting viewing parties, many hosted by local drag divas, and more than a few are hosted by cast members of Season 2! So you can get get chummy as the gals on-screen are lip-synching for their lives.

So, get dressed up. Grab a friend. And watch the second season of the drag extravaganzaaaaa at any one of a number of bars across the nation. We have a handy guide to help you find a good viewing location.

A handful of the show’s current contestants will be in their hometowns providing spicy commentary while watching the show with lucky fans. For example, you can find Pandora Boxx hosting the madness at her local watering hole, the Tilt a Whirl in Rochester, New York! Look below to see where the cast members will be near you.

Need a newsy primer for this season drag-tastic action? Read this great piece in the Los Angeles Times! They’re all about Ru! Enjoy!


Hamburger Mary’s (Long Beach)

Bench and Bar (Oakland)

Toucan’s (Palm Springs)

Depot (Sacramento)

Deco (San Francisco)

Lookout (San Francisco)

Club Paradise (Stockton)

Micky’s (West Hollywood) Hosted by Season 2 cast members Raven and Morgan McMichaels!


Tracks (Denver)

District of Columbia:

Nellie’s (Washington)


The Manor (Fort Lauderdale)

Twist (Miami)

Pulse (Orlando)

G.Bar (Tampa)


Blake’s (Atlanta) Hosted by Season 2 cast members Nicole Paige Brooks and Sonique!

Jungle Club (Atlanta)


Roscoe’s (Chicago)


Club Café (Boston)


Gay Nineties (Minneapolis)


Missie B (Kansas City)

Just John’s Club (St. Louis)

New York:

Therapy (New York City) Hosted by Season 2 cast member Sahara Davenport

Tilt a Whirl (Rochester) Hosted by Season 2 cast member Pandora Boxx


Club Bounce (Cleveland)


Red Cap Garage (Portland)


Woody’s (Philadelphia)


JR’s (Dallas)


The Lobby Bar (Seattle)

U.S. territories:

KRASH (Puerto Rico)

Take it from Drag Race season 2 contestant Tatianna: Watching the show is much better in a crowd with a drink in hand. Cheers!

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