Anti-Gay Baker Tells Stephen Colbert He Won’t Make A Cake With The Letters L, G, B, T, Or Q

But a birthday cake "featuring Pikachu saying his famous catchphrase 'Sodomy is a sin!'" is just fine.

Last night, Stephen Colbert interviewed an “anti-gay baker” to hear his take on the Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado case poised to go before the Supreme Court.

The case centers on self-proclaimed Colorado “cake artist” Jack Phillips’ refusal to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding because of his religious beliefs. Though the Supreme Court chose not to hear the case in the past, the justices decided this week to take it on.

To make sense of the situation, the Late Show With Stephen Colbert host interviewed baker Daniel St. John Daniels about the importance of religious freedom in the bakeshop.

“So… Mr. Daniels, you have also refused to sell wedding cakes to same-sex couples?” Colbert asked.

“Yes Stephen, I’m an artist and as an artist I’m very close-minded about sexuality and trying new things,” he explained.

When asked about whether he’s faced any backlash, he answered, “Oh absolutely. Before I opened my own bakery, I was fired from Carvel because I refused to use the letters L, G, B, T, or Q,” which led to problems when making the ice cream brand’s iconic Fudgie The Whale cake.

“So what kind of cakes will you make?” Colbert then questioned. “Anything that doesn’t offend my artistic sensibility,” he replied. “For instance, just today I made this birthday cake for a five-year-old featuring Pikachu saying his famous catchphrase ’Sodomy is a sin!'”

While the pair clearly have different views on the issue, Daniels did admit that he would be watching the SCOTUS case very closely… with his boyfriend, Alan.

Well, as they say, it takes all sorts.

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