Stephen Colbert Defends Campbell’s Soup Dads Against One Million Moms

“It’s no surprise that Campbell’s supports all types of marriages, because it just helps them sell more cans"

If people were afraid that Stephen Colbert would lose his edge moving to ugh, broadcast TV, those fears have been happily, and largely unfounded. Yes, he’s not playing the “Stephen Colbert” character anymore, but he’s still bringing that razor-sharp tone to CBS late-night.

On last night’s Late Show With Stephen Colbert, he discussed the now-viral Campbells’s soup commercial featuring real dads David Monahan and Larry Sullivan having a Star Wars moment with their adorable son Cooper.

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Specifically, he brings up the inevitable outrage by Outrage Machine One Million Moms, and their tired Helen Lovejoy schtick.


Best bit: “One Million Moms is furious that Campbell’s Soup is being associated with gay men. Psst. Nobody tell them about Andy Warhol.”

Take a look.

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