Stephen Colbert Explores The “True Blood” Effect On Anti-Conservative Sentiment: WATCH


Fox News anchor and noted “heterosexual?” Shepard Smith loves him some True Blood, but last Sunday’s episode had his fellow pundits questioning if the show’s anti-conservative message went too far? It didn’t, but Stephen Colbert helped push it along on last night’s Colbert Report.

So, a little context sans spoilers: Pam and Eric crash a Ted Cruz rally disguised as fabulous, grand ole Texan tea partiers.


Ted Cruz is nowhere to be seen, thank Godric, but the fact that the show used a real Republican and went on to ridicule conservatives had Stacey Dash and co. in a tizzy.

Meanwhile, speaking of True Blood, there’s a storyline worth checking out about a mysterious virus only affecting vampires that’s a very literate metaphor for HIV/AIDS. Not bad for a show where the copious amounts of gratuitous nudity are the only things usually worth checking out.

Anyfang, check out Colbert take on the Republicunts of Fox News in his Tip of the Hat/Wag of the Finger segment below:

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