Stephen Colbert Trashes Straight Guys Who Think Recycling Is Gay

"Is there no limit to straight male fragility?"

Heard about the recent study that found straight guys view eco-consciousness as effeminate? Stephen Colbert thinks it’s garbage.

“Really, men? Is there no limit to straight male fragility?” the Late Show host asked earlier this week in his monologue.

“Besides, who said gay people suddenly have a reputation for being environmentally conscious? Have you seen the aftermath of a Gay Pride parade?”

Colbert notes that the Penn State researchers specifically discovered that insecure hetero dudes are refusing to carry reusable shopping bags.

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“Now straight men think the way they bag their groceries indicates their sexual orientation?” he continued. “It’s gonna make checking out at the grocery store a little more interesting. ‘Uh, sir, did you bring your own bag today?’… ’I mean, uh, once when I was in college…'”

“This isn’t just toxic masculinity, this is literally toxic. And as a ruggedly heterosexual male, I feel responsibility to convince my fellow hairy-chested man-men that caring for the Earth is butch as hell.”

Entering the “testosterzone,” Colbert suggests putting pictures of breasts on recycling bins and picturing reusable totes as canvas vaginas to hold all your phallic groceries. Whatcha packin’?

Check out the Late Show clip below.

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