Meme: Samuel Larsen Chops His Locks, Helen Mirren Drums Up a Smile, Stephen Fry Promotes Homosexuality

Daniel Radcliffe ready to play a dad, Henry Cavill is kind of hot, and Ecuador turns the wrong way on equality

Samuel LarsenGlee’s Samuel Larsen has had enough of his trademark dreadlocks and has chopped them off, documenting the process with a photographer. I, for one, was not quite expecting what we got in the end.

New Zealand MP Maurice Williamson, who gave the amusing speech just before the vote, writes an open letter to his Australian friends in support of equality there. “You might have seen there was rioting in France after they passed similar legislation. Not in New Zealand. People just carried on with their lives, as I suspected they would. Now, if that’s what the prophesised ’gay onslaught’ looks like then we’ll take it every day and twice on Sundays. I can tell you that my own monitoring of the Pakuranga Highway, the road that cuts through my electorate, has shown nothing untoward since April 17th.”

PaperMag isn’t going to let HBO have all the Liberace glory. They photographed Cocky Boys’ Jett Blackexclusive Jett Black modeling an original white Liberace suit they picked up at auction, and I’m fairly certain the old queen would approve.

While it’s a bill I support, I have to wonder if Congress doesn’t have bigger things to tackle than a bill that would make it illegal for your employer to demand your Facebook passwords.

Daniel Radcliffe says that on the off chance JK Rowling comes up with more stories for Harry Potter, he’s not interested in playing the boy wizard, but he’d be happy to play his father. “No more schoolboy stuff. A cameo as Harry’s dad? That would be perfect!”Daniel Radcliffe

Would you like to have a dolphin assisted birth? You probably shouldn’t, no matter how cool it sounds.

Minnesota Vikings’ Adrian Peterson didn’t learn anything from being on the same team as Chris Kluwe. “To each his own. I’m not with it. But I have relatives that are gay. I’m not biased towards them. I still treat them the same. I love ‘em. But again, I’m not with that. That’s not something I believe in. But to each his own.”

Blabbeando has an extensive writeup on the about face Ecuadoran President Rafael Correa has had on gay rights in the face of fundamentalist opposition. After championing hate speech protections, and helping get civil unions for same sex couples (but ruling out marriage) in 2008, he’s now come out strongly against a gender identity law he once supported, calling it Trojan Horse for marriage equality, and even comparing same sex marriage to legalizing drugs. It seems to be Helen Mirrendriven by a conservative group calling themselves the 14 Million.

Helen Mirren proves she is a good sport. Weeks after charging out of the theater she was performing as the Queen to silence a group of gay drummers promoting the As One In the Park festival, she attended the same festival, getting on stage and drumming along.

Is there any such thing as a “safe city” for GLBT people? Sadly, there’s probably not.

Rather than speaking out against the rash of violent anti-gay hate crimes sweeping New York City, America’s most powerful Catholic, Cardinal Dolan, is instead instructing priests to focus their sermons from now through June (Pride month) Cardinal Dolanon anti-marriage equality topics, in what seems to be a futile, late attempt to sway the Supreme Court.

Blue Is the Warmest Color did win the Palm D’Or in Cannes. The film contains what is being called the longest and most explicit lesbian sex scene in the festival’s history.

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When Stephen Fry appeared with Craig Ferguson last week, he talked about being a gay man, and having gone to Russia where he was accused of promoting homosexuality. The whole interview was fairly amazing, and it’s nice when Craig talks to someone with something to say.

When he first came out, Stephen offered his favorite pick up line to Craig, which was quite funny, but I’m not sure I believe him when he speaks of his lack of expertise.

In the latest Man of Steel television spot, we get a glorious image of a furry Clark Kent saving people from disaster, and we have to say we agree with that military captain. If only she’d been male.

This penguin managed to jump out of his exhibit at SeaWorld, and didn’t quite understand the concept of glass when it came to getting back to the water and his friends. Thankfully, an animal trainer came to the rescue.

OutTV is the Canadian equivalent of Logo, and is launching Furry Creek, which is probably the gayest town since Rick & Steve: The Happiest Gay Couple In All the World graced Logo. They need a new face to head their tourism campaign to get the word out about their special town.

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