Adam Lambert Team Ups With Steve Aoki And Felix Jaehn For New Song, “Can’t Go Home”

"This song is a genre-crossing collaboration from two different worlds."

Steve Aoki, Felix Jaehn and Adam Lambert have just released a new track and it’s total fire.

The song “Can’t Go Home” is a delicious toe-tapping earworm. It’s groovy and seamlessly incorporates Aoki’s EDM influences with Jaehn’s polished hit-making production style, which creates the perfect medium through which to showcase Lambert’s soaring vocals.

There’s a buoyancy to the song, which lifts it from being confined to any one venue. It will have the same impact at a club as it does in a car during a road trip, spilling out of a boombox on a beach or listened to privately in the shower.

In an interview with People, Aoki said, “This song is a genre-crossing collaboration from two different worlds between myself and Felix Jaehn, and that’s the beauty in mixing it up and making something so unique as ’Can’t Go Home.'”

He continued, “Adding one of the best vocalists in the world, Adam Lambert, on it just brings this special song to a whole new level. Super excited about sharing this with the world!”

Check out the catchy song below!

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