Steve Grand And Eli Lieb Team Up For Emotional Ballad, “Look Away”

"Watching you fade / I know it’s goodbye."

Out singer-songwriters Eli Lieb and Steve Grand appear together in a brand new video to mark the release of their new collaboration, a breakup ballad called “Look Away.”

In the video, the guys pour out heartbreaking lyrics while seated back-to-back. Tight shots of their faces are interspersed with behind-the-scenes footage from their time together in the recording studio.

“We filmed this the day after my boyfriend and I broke up, and the footage is so real and raw, that I struggled if I even felt comfortable putting it out,” Lieb told “I wasn’t sure I wanted everyone to see the pain I was in. But then I realized that this pain came from love and is a part of life most people experience at some point – we’ve all been there. I hope it helps remind people that pain and love are so closely related to not forget how powerful love is.”

Said Grand: “Eli is a real pro. It was a true pleasure working with someone who knows what they want creatively. Eli kept the process streamlined. Though we are in a similar line of work, our personalities are very different, which I think we really got to see throughout the day we shot the video. I’m an irreverent goofball and Eli is a more serious guy just really focused on his craft. I think it makes for an interesting collaboration.”

On social media, the guys shared shots from their time on the set of the music video.

Grand apparently had a hard time getting his video co-star to say “yaaas” but — don’t fear! — he eventually came around the next morning:

Check out the video for “Look Away” below:

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