Steve Grand Enjoys His Hot Tub Time, Channing Tatum Is Now a Bear: CELEBRITY INSTAGRAM

Tom Daley's popcorn has been stolen, Russell Tovey is rocking a blonde 'do

Is Russell Tovey…blonde?

Sunday selfie #rocky #nyc #newyork #frenchbully

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Lee Daniels evidently believes in romance

Happy Birthday Swat! #howoldareyourreally? ?❤️?

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Well, it looks like Gregg Sulkin is putting in a late audition for Grease


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I have so many questions, like who stole his popcorn. And does he just call Adidas and tell them he’s going to a Miami game and they send him the appropriate shirt? What if Nike had the contract for Miami? Could he still wear the shirt?

I’m guessing that Jim Obergefell never buys another drink in a bar in his life

So have we decided if Steve is Daddy, or if Daddy is holding the camera? That was an interesting theory

Although I prefer Steve in the bikini over the wig. It’s just not his color

So this movie has a trailer launching during football tonight, and some people are excited enough to watch football just to see it, even though it will be online seconds after it airs.

Amy drank wine while she did the show, guys

Everybody has the hots for Nightwing

Channing looks like he’s put on a few pounds

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