Steve Grand Wears Long Johns And Nuzzles A Hot Bear In “All I Want For Christmas Is You”

He puts his own stamp on the Mariah classic

There have been countless versions of Mariah Carey’s contemporary classic “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” but out singer Steve Grand has taken it to a new level with his take, which is heartfelt, emotional, and gives Steve’s vocals the opportunity to soar.

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The video may be the most romantic he’s ever done, as he’s seen in various states of affection with actor Trevor LaPaglia, in a slideshow of warm memories and happy times.

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Steve shows up at the end to deliver a message for the holidays, and thank his fans. It’s a sweet and sincere video, and a reminder of why we fell in love with him.

You can download “All I Want For Christmas is You” HERE

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New MUSIC VIDEO out now on YouTube! Link to my channel in description. Get the song only at the link in the video description on YouTube. I wasn't ever too keen on the idea of doing a Holiday song, but a lot of you have requested that I do one (and I didn't want to be a big ole' Grinch ;)), so here is my little gift to you, for all your love and support through these last 2.5 years. :) Link to Download song (sorry this will NOT be on iTunes… only here… iTunes takes like 4 weeks and I just recorded this Friday lol): I encourage you to "like," Share, and Subscribe to my channel. I still do this independently, so all of those things are a big help! I only even began to think about doing this song and video last Thursday (December 17) (recorded vocals and piano at my place on Friday, edited them on the plane to LAX, and shot the video Saturday) so I have really had to count on a lot of wonderful, talented people to help make this all happen including Director/Editor – John Lavin ( – Instagram/Twitter: @MrJohnLavin); The "boyfriend" Trevor LaPaglia (Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat: @OhhhTrev); Music Producer: Nicholas M Block ( – Twitter/Instagram: @NickBlockMusic) and of course my managers Alana Mulford ( for booking and business stuff) and Brian Doyle. Cannot thank all of these wonderful people enough for going WAY above and beyond to make this happen so beautifully, and almost no time. Thank you all so much, Happy Holidays, and ENJOY! :) – Steve #AllIWantForChristmasIsAManWithaGreatBeard

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