Steven Spielberg Interested In “West Side Story” Remake. Who Would You Cast?

west side story

West Side Story is one of the most successful movie musicals of all time, but apparently Steven Spielberg thinks he can improve on it. That’s the only explanation we can imagine for why the E.T. director let Fox Studios know he was interested in remaking the film.

That was enough for them to “unlock” the film rights for him—though, of course, it’s no guarantee a remake will actually see the light of day.

West Side Story, a musical update of Romeo And Juliet, debuted on Broadway musical in 1957, and was adapted into Robert Wise and Jermone Robins’ hit film in 1961. If  Spielberg did remake it, who would you want to star?

Our pick: Selena Gomez as Maria, Darren Criss as Tony and Shakira as Anita, the role that helped make Rita Moreno a legend.

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