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The Video For “Steven Universe” Anthem “Stronger Than You” Is A Kiss For Your Eyes And Ears

Estelle voices a lesbian alien on the popular Cartoon Network series.

A sparkling jewel in an otherwise bleak week, Cartoon Network’s queer-inclusive Steven Universe has released “Stronger Than You,” the first official music video from the Emmy-nominated animated show’s hit soundtrack.

Filmed at Comic-Con 2017, the new video features British singer Estelle performing the song, an inspirational rallying cry, for 1,500 fans wearing “I Am Made of Love” Steven Universe T-shirts, which are available online for purchase.

“It’s very important, especially in a show for children, to have characters that are emotionally honest,” bisexual creator Rebecca Sugar tells USA Today. “It’s exciting to me to get to celebrate the show and that song in particular, because I feel like it’s connected me to so many people. I love the thought of bringing them all together in one place.”

In the popular series, Estelle voices a humanoid alien being Garnet, a mighty Crystal Gem warrior born out of the romantic lesbian relationship between two smaller Gems named Ruby and Sapphire. This fusion occurs when two Gems, which are all coded as female, fall in love and form one entirely new Gem.

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