Stevie Nicks? Did someone mention Stevie Nicks?

Okay, I confess I’ve been a total SN afficionado for as long as I can remember. I remember a friend once came into my college dorm room, saw my Stevie Nicks poster on the door and said, “She’s so hot.” To myself, I thought, “Don’t you dare besmirch Stevie with your vile sexual thoughts!” God knows, I wasn’t.

Gay? Me? Don’t be ridiculous.

Anyway, I was listening to a radio interview with Stevie recently (I have no idea what the link is, but it’s probably somewhere on her website), and she was talking about all the wild drugs and sex she did in the 1970s. She started by saying, “Oh, it was crazy! Just pure hedonism–drugs all the time, sex with whoever you want at any time, wild orgies!” I expected her to follow that with what celebrities always say after saying something like that, about how terrible it all was, and how they all learned their lessons, and, you know, Just Say No, etc.

But instead she paused and then said breathlessly, “Oh, it was fabulous! My God, it was so fantastic! The pleasure! There will never be another time like that!”

I know she wasn’t advocating that lifestyle, because I’ve heard her talk in other interviews about how that lifestyle really did almost kill her (and many of her friends). But I gotta admit, I was pleasantly surprised by her honesty–that, for all the ills it may have caused later on, it was certainly fun at the time.

And now, without further ado, the video for Stevie’s songGypsy, which, you’ll recall, was the most expensive video ever filmed at the time, the first to cost a million dollars: