#StillBisexual Campaign Floods The Internet For Bi Visibility Day

Bisexuality Day is observed on September 23.

StillBisexual is a confessional-style social media and video campaign aimed at dispelling the misconception that bisexuals don’t stay bisexual.

And for Bisexual Visibility Day, the hashtag popped up all over the internet in an attempt to shine light on the type of sexuality that is still so widely misunderstood.

Check out some of the posts below, and look for #StillBisexual posts on Twitter and Instagram for more.

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Today is #BiVisibilityDay and actually starting this past Monday, it's #BiAwarenessWeek For those of us that identify as Bisexual in the LGBT community (myself included) have this day (and now whole week) devoted to fight bi-erasure. This refers to things like the media's portrayal of LGBT characters as either deciding between gay and straight. Rarely are there fully-formed bisexual characters portrayed in the media. They are often shown as "making up their minds" or "being confused", which is something bisexuals are confronted with every day from people in both the straight and LGBT community. This year's big hashtag for Bi Visibility Day is #StillBisexual showing that it's not "just a phase" or just something people use when they first come out. I identify as bisexual even though I am currently in a homosexual relationship. Being in a hetero or homo sexual relationship does not change one's sexual attraction. So here's to all the bisexuals today!! #BiWeek #BisexualityDay

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