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Two Straight Irish Men Get Married To Avoid Paying Taxes

Matt Murphy and Michael O’Sullivan are best friends and roommates.

Two Irish men have married to avoid paying €50,000 in inheritance tax, Irish Mirror reports. Best friends Matt Murphy and Michael O’Sullivan, who are heterosexual, married Friday in Dublin.

Murphy, 83, intends to leave his house to O’Sullivan, 58, in his will. They decided to get married when they discovered how much inheritance tax O’Sullivan would ultimately have to pay on the house after Murphy’s death.

O’Sullivan is currently Murphy’s live-in caregiver, but the former coworkers have been good friends for almost 30 years. Murphy, who had lived alone for 50 years, asked O’Sullivan to move in after his health and sight began failing.

“Eventually Matt said the only way he could pay me was to leave me the house,” O’Sullivan explains. “He said he would give me the house so I have somewhere to live when he goes.”

Former minister for justice and attorney general Michael McDowell confirms that the marriage is “perfectly lawful.”

Collins Agency/Irish Mirror

During the intimate wedding ceremony, O’Sullivan reportedly spoke at length about his husband’s kindness. Murphy sang Willie Nelson’s “Let the World Go By,” a song about friendship.

“I love Matt and he loves me, as friends,” O’Sullivan told The Irish Times after the ceremony.

It is Murphy’s first marriage. O’Sullivan has three adult children from a previous marriage to a woman.

Following a referendum in which 62.1% voted in favor of marriage between two people “without distinction as to their sex,” Ireland signed gay marriage into law in October 2015. The traditionally Catholic nation became the world’s first country to bring about the law by popular vote.

O’Sullivan acknowledged the LGBT community, saying, “The equality gay and lesbian people did for this country, that they fought hard for, they were discriminated against for most of their lives, they got equality for themselves but also for everybody else.”

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