Straight Pride Leader: “We’re a Totally Peaceful, Racist Group”

The truth will out.

A man pushing for a straight pride event in Modesto, California made an embarrassing and revealing admission while arguing for the event at a city council meeting on Wednesday, August 7.

Don Grundmann, a chiropractor who has unsuccessfully run for office on more than one occasion, began his address to the Modesto City Council by accusing Councilmember Kristi Ah You of “pulling the race card,” to depict his proposed event as anything other than a group of people looking to “celebrate life.” He turned and pointed to those in attendance who booed him at those remarks, adding, “And all you racist clowns.”

Fliers promoting the event include language about celebrating “Western Civilization,” a broad, imprecise term often used as code by white supremacists to mean white people.

Grundmann didn’t stop there, though he probably should have, as he then let the truth slip out.

“We haven’t done anything (wrong),” Grundmann claimed. “We’re a peaceful, racist group.”

That admission sent the crowd into an eruption of applause and laughter, and caused Ah You to put her hand over her face as Grundmann turned around, waving his hands as if trying to take back what he had said.

The turnout against the straight pride group was notably larger than those speaking in favor of it, and there are reportedly counter-demonstrations planned for the same day as the would-be straight pride event.

Among those who spoke out against the event was the adopted son of the event’s co-organizer, Mylinda Mason. Matthew Mason, 28, is gay and said his mother’s motives are not to celebrate heterosexuality but shame homosexuality. He also accused her of being a racist.

Matthew recalled being taken to protest the annual LGBTQ prom in Hayward, California year after year, which his adopted mother confirmed to NBC.

Matthew was homeschooled by his mother, whom, he said, taught him white men built the world, saying nothing about genocide or slavery. He said she was coming from a place of “white supremacy.” Mylinda told NBC she taught her son about “Western civilization that was built by European males that came here to establish the greatest nation on earth.”

City staff will decide whether or not to grant a permit for the straight pride event, and could do so as early as this week.

Grundmann’s group is the second to attempt to organize a straight pride event.

A group in Boston has successfully applied for a permit to hold a straight pride parade, although they still must clear some final hurdles, like going through the police department and licensing board to receive a parade permit. That group also reportedly has ties to white supremacy.

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