Why Is Bravo Making People Strip Down Naked On TV?

Would you do it?

Bravo is known for its reality shows. Whether it’s the insanely popular Real Housewives franchise or newer series like Below Deck and Summer House, Bravo has the reality game on lock.

Now the network is hoping to create a word-of-mouth hit with their new title, Stripped, which is about—yup, you guessed it: people getting naked.

But that’s not all.

Not only do the contestants have to strip down (in front of a camera crew, mind you) but their belongings are placed in a storage container half-mile away from their home and each day—for 21 days—they can only retrieve one item from the container.

Don’t worry, toilet paper, water and food are provided.

You’re probably asking yourself: “well, what do I win if I complete the challenge?”

The participants win… nothing. There are no additional competitions, and no prizes. It’s just a show about ordinary people surviving being stripped of all their possessions.

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Could you do it?

To create buzz for the series, Bravo unleashed dozens of “naked” models on the streets of Austin for SXSW this past weekend:

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We’ve never been jealous of a pizza box before.

Stripped premieres this summer on Bravo.

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