Key West Stripper Stabs His Boyfriend In The Eyes, Shoves Wooden Board Down His Throat

Mark Brann died from his injuries, according to police.

A Florida stripper is in custody after stabbing his partner in the eyes with a pen and forcing a piece of wood down his throat, according to ABC 10.

A Key West police report revealed that 24-year-old Justin Calhoun admitted to attacking Mark Brann, a man he said he had a sexual relationship with and whose house he often stayed at while in town.

Calhoun said that he accused Brann of being a cannibal, which caused the 67-year-old to pick up a gun off the bed and point it at the stripper in anger, according to Detective Jeff Dean’s police report.

After getting into a fight for the gun, Calhoun told police that he grabbed it and planned to shoot Brann, but it was jammed, the report said. Instead, Calhoun admitted to grabbing a pen and stabbing Brann in both eyes, according to Dean.

Calhoun then told police that he grabbed a piece of wood from a broken dresser and shoved it into his lover’s mouth to keep him quiet, Dean wrote, stomping on it to get it further down his throat before grabbing a dresser drawer to hit his victim.

The report said that Calhoun was apprehended several hours later, after jumping out of the bedroom window naked and climbing on rooftops to evade police.

Dean wrote that Calhoun, who remains in jail without bond, admitted that his actions went further than simply self-defense.

Brann was flown to a trauma center in Miami, where he eventually died from injuries sustained in the attack, police said.

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