Strippers From Joe Manganiello’s “La Bare” Doc Teach You How To Body Roll: WATCH


The movie event of the summer, Joe Manganiello’s male stripper doc La Bare, really knows a thing or two about marketing. In a preview of Alcide’s masterwork, out June 27, two professional gyraters from the titular club — JD and Channing Kinda-Not-Tatum — teach us how they body roll. Of course this is something 4 out of every 5 gay men knows how to do instinctively from birth, but not everyone is so gifted. Let JD and his fedora-loving, tie-and-no-shirt-wearing friend teach the world how to roll it like a coaster below:

la-bare-body-roll-1 la-bare-body-roll-2 la-bare-body-roll-3

[gdm_video source=”youtube” video_id=”lTOTWlWOkoE” url=””]

And if you’re feeling particularly rolly, hop on the social media with the hashtag, #LaBareBodyRoll, which gave us this gem:


Get those racks, Mama June!

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