Study Finds Companies Run Better With LGBTQ Leadership

"Simply put, diversity is good for business."

If your company is underperforming, maybe you don’t have enough gays in your directory.

According to a recent study commissioned by the Wisconsin LGBT Chamber of Commerce, businesses with LGBTQ representation in senior leadership report better firm performance than those without.

“This study supports what we have been saying for years—having LGBT people in leadership positions, whether it as a CEO, a business owner, a part of senior management or on the board of directors, is good for a business’s bottom line,” said Jason Rae, chamber president and CEO and one of the report’s authors in a statement. “Simply put, diversity is good for business.”

Jennica Webster, an associate professor in the college of business at Marquette University, polled 88 companies in America’s Dairyland and found that, of those companies, those with LGBTQ people in senior roles reported improved “organizational performance, social and environmental corporate social responsibility, workforce quality and utilization, as well as high-performance human resource management practices.”

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