STUDY: What Body Parts Gay Men Work Out Vs. What They Find Most Sexy

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A new survey put out by the dating site Coffee Meets Bagel has some interesting insights into what body parts gay men work out the most. Specifically, how they relate to what we want to see in prospective partners.

As seen in the chart below, 600 gay single men were asked to rate their fitness focus (on the right) versus what they find really sexy on another man (on the left). Do the results match your personal preferences?

The survey presented some other interesting results: We’re not shocked that only 21% of those surveyed were happy with their physical appearance. But while 51% of respondents said they most needed to improve their abs, only 20% of those polled said a defined six-pack was an important turn-on.

So can we go back to eating those Christmas cookies Grandma sent, or what?

What Gay Men Worked On Vs. What Other Gay Men Found Most Sexy

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